Setup and Support Documentation for StatBroadcast Conference/NCAA Broadcastr

This documentation is also available as a PDF for saving/printing: Download PDF

Schools who already have a StatBroadcast account:

Please follow instructions you received from StatBroadcast for setup for this academic year. This software version is for schools that do not already have a StatBroadcast username and password. Those instructions can be found here.

Installing StatCrew and StatBroadcast Broadcastr

Downloading and Installing the Conference/NCAA Broadcastr app

  1. Update your StatCrew software to this year's latest version
    StatCrew Software automatically disables its ability to generate live stats XML files on July 31 and you will receive a 'License Expired' message on trying to start an event.
  2. In order to run live stats on any XML-based platform (including StatBroadcast, Sidearm, Presto, etc.), you will need to purchase and install the current year update to your StatCrew software from
    Please note: StatBroadcast is not affiliated with StatCrew software.

  3. Download and install StatBroadcast Conference/NCAA Broadcastr
    The download can be found at the URL provided by your conference/NCAA.

    **Note: You will need Administrator Access to your computer to install this software. If you are receiving errors overwriting files, you may need your Campus IT staff to temporarily unlock your computer.**
    We recommend updating your StatCrew installation before setting up Broadcastr. Installing a StatCrew update for a sport will erase your 'Live Setup' settings and require Broadcastr to go through the configuration process again.

Mac Parallels and Windows 7 64 XP Virtual Machine Users -- Click here for important note

.NET 3.5 is not included by default in the Windows Virtual Machine Image. You will need this update (available below), and possibly the Microsoft Installer, to run Broadcastr:

.NET Version 3.5 (hosted by StatBroadcast)
.NET Version 3.5 (from

Installation of this additional update may required to install .NET 3.5 on older versions of Windows XP:

Microsoft Windows Installer v3.1 (hosted by StatBroadcast)
Microsoft Windows Installer v3.1 (from

Setting Up your StatCrew Computer with StatBroadcast

Initial Sport Setup

do this the first time you install a StatCrew update for each sport on each scoring computer:

  1. Launch the Conference/NCAA Broadcastr app.
    You will be prompted to select your version of StatCrew. Select 'YES' to indicate you are using StatCrew Legacy. If prompted to load a new event, select 'No'.
  2. Press the the dark gray button labeled 'Configure StatCrew.' (on the right side).
    This function will attempt to configure your StatCrew settings and create a folder for XML Select your corresponding StatCrew sport.
  3. Press OK once you received the 'Configured successfully' message.

Game day Setup

do this before every game (make sure to follow all six steps):

  1. Open up StatCrew Game Reports and select your game.
  2. From the Live menu, choose Live Setup and in the popup window, check the box next to Activate and press OK.
  3. From the Live menu, select 'Send stats files'.
  4. Launch StatBroadcast Broadcastr and press 'Yes' when asked to load a new event.
  5. Select your event from the list and press 'Load Configuration'.
    If your event is not present, please contact the conference/NCAA office immediately to have it added to the schedule.
  6. Press the green button labeled 'Start Transmitting'
  7. Score your game in StatCrew

Troubleshooting Broadcastr Issues

Previous game's live stats are showing

Try each of these steps to resolve

'XML file could not be found'

If an event has not yet started or the destination folder does not exist, StatCrew will not generate an initial XML file to send via FTP.

  1. Ensure that the 'target directory' specified in Game Reports - Live Setup - Copy File Settings exists on your computer.
    Do this opening 'My Computer', looking on the drive you specified (i.e. C:) and looking for the folder (i.e. xml). If the folder does not exist or was not automatically created by Broadcastr, go the file menu and create a new folder.
  2. Create a pre-game XML file from Stat Crew.
    In Game Reports, go to the Live menu and select 'Send Stats Files'.
    Note: In TAS Baseball, activating a live stats feed before entering starting lineups for both teams will cause Game Reports to crash.

'No Internet connection available'

If your Broadcastr is able to connect and load an event configuration, but then fails to connect to the FTP servers (showing the error 'An internet connection is not available'), your network may be blocking FTP access.

To switch Broadcastr into HTTP mode:

Note: In HTTP compatibility mode, your XML files will be transmitted to our servers first via HTTP (webpage) and then FTP'd to your assigned destinations.