May 3, 2010

BCS Stats partners with Rackspace, now finds its home in the 'clouds'

TEMPE, ARIZ. -- BCS Stats Systems has entered into a new partnership with Rackspace Hosting for its back-end server technologies, the company announced today. BCS Stats will be using The Rackspace Cloud as its primary hosting platform. By joining Rackspace's Cloud hosting platform, BCS Stats now has the capacity to serve an almost unlimited amount of concurrent users and host as many simultaneous events as needed.

"This increase in capacity and bandwidth coverage for our network is crucial to our growth strategy," BCS Stats president Nate Policar said. "This will enable us to not only bring on as many schools as our interested in our products, but also gives us the size we need to be able to offer new platforms, including stats for mobile phones and live stats for fans."

Rackspace Hosting boasts over 100,000 clients, including 80,000 on its cloud platform, and has been one of the most respected names in web hosting since 1998. Based in San Antonio, Texas, Rackspace has nine regional datacenters and has been honored multiple times as one of the top infrastructure solutions in the world. Rackspace's clients include the NFL, the Boston Celtics, Wendy's/Arby's, Best Buy and EA Sports.

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