August 19, 2019

Vanderbilt, Purdue and Memphis expand partnerships with StatBroadcast; Kansas returns to the platform


StatBroadcast will expand its partnerships with four FBS schools this fall as the official provider of live statistics for the school's athletic websites. Vanderbilt University, Purdue University and the University of Memphis all signed agreements with StatBroadcast to expand access to its service from media and staff members only to the public fanbase of the three univeristies as did University of Kansas after the school took a one-year hiatus from the platform in 2018.

These schools follow a trend of Power 5 schools that have increasingly turned to StatBroadcast to provide their live stats feed to fans for their official athletic websites and applications. Last Season, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Baylor, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Ole Miss, San Jose State, UConn and Wake Forest all made similar decisions to expand the use of StatBroadcast as their public live stats provider.

StatBroadcast now provides public live stats for nearly half of all FBS teams and 143 total schools at the Division I level. StatBroadcast has existing partnerships in some form with more than 62% of the current Division I membership.

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