January 30, 2024

StatBroadcast debuts StatInput for Baseball/Softball, next-generation cloud-based scorekeeping software

TEMPE, ARIZ. -- StatBroadcast has released its third sport combo for its next-generation cloud-based scorekeeping software with its debut of StatInput for Baseball/Softball today. StatInput for Baseball/Softball is a web-browser/cloud-based scorekeeping and statistics entry software platform that will allow teams to input games in real-time from any operating system (Windows, Mac, iOs, Android) using any of its three interfaces (touch screen, mouse and/or keyboard entry).

As with previous StatInput releases, StatInput for Baseball/Softball is fully featured, integrating directly with StatBroadcast for displaying real-time live stats for all the action and offering full reporting capabilities for single game and season cumulative statistics.

StatInput for Baseball/Softball Features:

• Web-based software offers support across operating systems -- Windows, Mac, iOs, android and more
• Visual interface offering multiple input methods -- keyboard, mouse, touch [for devices that support it]x
• Automatic backup of data and resumption of games; audit/correct plays on a second device
• Export NCAA-formatted XML for reporting/sharing
• Import rosters directly from NCAA database
• Run full game reports and full season reports

StatInput for Baseball/Softball offers a ready-available solution that will be available exclusively to StatBroadcast clients during the 2024 spring sports season.

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